How I do get involved into Moveland?

How I do get involved into Moveland?
All you need to do is to acquire a NFT sneaker in our app & start walk, jog or run outdoors to earn MVL token, MVP token & Moveland metaverse land. MVL & MVP can be used for a variety of function such as level up your sneakers, attach new accessories or badges into the sneakers, mint new sneakers & etc. The awarded metaverse land will be an extra advantage to the user who owns it. As the more land you own, the more passive income you can earn whenever other users jog or run in your land.
Moveland NFT sneaker comes in the form of Leisure, Workout and Athlete. User may choose the type of sneaker that suit their fitness level as each designed to cater for different type of exercise intensity level in term of running speed. The higher the optimal speed, the more reward will be earned, more factors that affect the reward payout can be found in our whitepaper. User can choose to buy, sell or even lease their NFT sneakers on the in-app marketplace; all the earned MVP will be stored in the in-app wallet and will be able to sell directly in the built-in swap function to other cryptocurrency or even exchange to MVL.